The Awakened Homeowner

How to Master The Design and Construction of your New Home or Remodel Project

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If you’re considering a significant home renovation or building project, it’s essential to educate yourself on what to expect. It can be overwhelming, and you may not know where to start, but preparing beforehand can help make the experience more enjoyable. The Awakened Homeowner is a resource empowering you with knowledge and guidance. We help you tackle the planning and building of your new home or remodel project through our book, guides, tools, and private coaching

Our TAH Guiding Principles


Your Attractive Heading

Look Within, Set Goals, and Share

Learn About the World of Design

Learn About the World of Construction

Set Your Expectations


Leverage Your New Knowledge

Plan Your Project Step by Step

Hire Your Design and Build Team

Break Ground


Enjoy the Design and Construction Experience

Protect Your Investment

Protect Your Family

Live Your Dream

Arriving 2025

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