The Awakened Homeowner

How to Master The Design and Construction of your New Home or Remodel Project

The Book – Coming Soon

“Without leaps of imagination or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all is a form of planning.” ~Gloria Steinem

The Book

From simple renovations to complex custom homes, uninformed homeowners are vulnerable to unfortunate experiences and often unaware a storm is on the horizon. The horror stories we hear about begin with misguided emotions, lack of knowledge, and nowhere to turn. The Awakened Homeowner is where you can turn. The mission begins with our home design and building book placing you in the driver’s seat by learning, applying your knowledge, setting expectations, and holding all those accountable who will design and build your home, including you!

Our mission together is to build a solid planning foundation by spending some discovery time and performing exercises to empower everyone involved, to build your knowledge inside the world of design and construction, to investigate the minds of professionals, and learn the information they need to meet your expectations. ~ W.W. Reid


The Goal

Overcome common fears, delusions, and mental paralysis by providing clear and concise design desires and financial information to professionals for the most effective and efficient design experience.


Share a story of your family, home or property.

Collect dreams and visions of your new home.

Become aware of prevalent delusions that undermine expectations.

Take a deep dive into finances and set an investment goal.

Package it all up for your search for design and construction pros.

The World of Design

The Goal

Gain the knowledge to hire a design team, hand off your Discovery Package, and experience the Design and Approval Process. Build a set of plans and specifications to interview contractors, obtain estimates, and hire them.


Learn about design professionals and their characteristics.

Determine the type of designer you need.

How design pros structure their agreements.

The methodical Design Process

Limitations that can derail your goals early in the Design Process.

Understanding design and plans.

The approval and permitting processes

The World of Construction

The Goal

Gain the knowledge to select the right contractor by matching up your project type, personalities, estimating and contracting methods and to manage your risk during construction.


The types and characteristics of contractors.

The attributes of a quality contractor.

How contractors make their money and the different methods they use.

The basics of a construction contract.

How to protect yourself during construction.

Building Your Team

The Goal

Learn about methods to search for design and construction professionals. Understand the two well-traveled paths to design and build your project. Lastly, gain some insight into two specialized options for those who have experience and those who don’t.


Search strategies for design and construction pros.

Study the two design and construction paths to a successful project.  “Self-Guided” and “Guided”

“Owner-Builder” option for very experienced homeowners willing to hop into the trenches.

Understand there are options to extend yourself with an “Owner-Agent” freeing yourself of the trenches.

Our TAH Guiding Principles

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