The Awakened Homeowner

How to Master The Design and Construction of your New Home or Remodel Project

The New Home and Remodel Planning and Building Guides – Coming Soon

“I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.” 

~Thomas Jefferson

The Guides

Your home building or remodeling mission begins with the book packed with a plethora of knowledge becoming your best friend as you consider a project. But knowledge is just the starting point, and it can’t stop there.  The New Home and Remodeling Planning and Building Guide complete the mission.

Eight Phases to a Successful New Home or Remodel Project

The Planning Guide

Four Phases

to ground breaking!

The Building Guide

Four Phases

to move in!

The Guides put your new knowledge to work, a system that breaks it down into a plan, and that’s where we expand outside the covers of the book. The Action Plan chronologically assembles all the knowledge gained within the book into phases and steps. The steps of each phase are outlined with goals and instructions on how to apply the information within each part of the book, putting you at ease knowing that there is a way to act on your new knowledge

As I developed The Awakened Homeowner book it quickly became clear that the mission doesn’t stop with a typical “How To” book, therefore I am taking it further by developing an Action Plan within Planning and Building Guides. ~ W.W. Reid

Planning Guide

The Goal

Build a solid project foundation of design, plans, and specifications that meet your expectations.

Planning a project can be compared to preparing for a sports match.  All the effort to build the team, draft your players, strategize, prepare the play book, and arrive at the stadium ready to play.  The Planning program I have developed is a set of phases and steps. Each step correlates directly with the book content so you can always refer back to refresh your knowledge.

The Planning Phases


Assemble your dreams, inspirations, an ideas.

Share a story of your family, home or property.

Set your investment goal and build a budget.

Build Your Design and Construction Team

Select your design and construction path.

The Guided Path: Select a one-stop-shop design-build company.

The Self-Guided Path: Orchestrate the project yourself.

The Design Process

Navigate the three steps of design.

Build your specifications.

Monitor your investment goal and budget.

Search for your contractor.

Begin the estimating process.

Prepare For Ground Breaking

Finalize your design, plans and specifications.

Finalize the cost, your contractor and the contract.

Obtain city approvals and building permits.

Building Guide

The Goal

The official handoff to your contractor. Declare your expectations. Monitor the construction to achieve your expectations.

The Building Phase can be equated to game day at the blow of the whistle.  This exciting stage is where months, maybe even years, of learning and planning jump into play. The building phases and the steps will feel a bit different than the Planning phases.  Instead, this section will feel more like coaching and someone yelling from the sidelines.

The Building Phases

Prepare for Kick-Off

Planning Documentation Review

Plan, Specifications, Scope of Work Check Lists

Permits, Contracts and Insurance Review

Construction Schedule

Meeting at Mid-Field

The Pre-Construction Meeting with Your Team.

Construction Document Review.

Communication and Scheduling

Security, Safety, and Maintenance

Financial Management

Whistle Blows – Construction Begins

The Four Quarters of Construction

First Qtr. – Breaking Ground

Second Qtr. – Building the Bones and the Systems

Half Time – Progress Review and Game Plan

Third Qtr. – Closing in. Interior/Exterior Construction

Fourth Qtr. – Interior/Exterior Finishes

Overtime – The Final Push

Construction Complete

Final Inspection by Your City


The Guides

Arriving 2025

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